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5 Reasons to Visit Haiti

What do you picture when you think of Haiti? Voodoo, poverty, natural disasters and probably the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. While there is some truth to this, Haiti offers something else as well – an intriguing blend of Caribbean culture, history and natural beauty that’s hard to find anywhere else in the world. If you’re thinking about visiting Haiti, here are five reasons why it’s worth your while.

1) Traveling To Haiti
For many, traveling to Haiti conjures up images of poverty, political unrest and tragedy. Despite these hardships, there are a lot of great reasons why you should visit Haiti. Here are five: 1) The people of Haiti are welcoming and friendly. 2) Traveling is safe if you stay in tourist-oriented areas like Port au Prince. 3) Both locals and expats feel more at home here than anywhere else in Latin America or Africa. 4) It’s cheap! You can have an amazing time here for far less than it would cost in many other parts of Central America and Latin America 5) Expat life is amazing. From awesome restaurants and shopping to beautiful beaches and natural attractions; Haiti has so much to offer any visitor. If you want a Caribbean vacation but with something extra special then plan your next trip to Haiti right now! Spirit Flight Check in is available through Official website.

2) Where To Stay In Haïti
For most travelers, Haïti is a one-day trip, but if you have time and want to learn more about Haïti’s rich history and culture, consider staying at Hostel Paradis in Cap Haitian. While you’re there, visit La Colonne Lighthouse (Le Phare de la Colonne) or Le Musée National as well as Les Jardins Odyssee for delicious drinks. You can also try surfing or kiteboarding in Baie du Fort Dunson. With many Haitian villages nearby and so much to do in Cap Haitian itself, you could spend weeks exploring Haïti.

3) The Beach In Port-au-Prince
The most notable feature of an otherwise trash-filled and poverty-stricken capital is its tropical coastline. The stretch of sand, which runs along a small peninsula that connects Pétionville with Port-au-Prince, is one of many beautiful destinations in Haiti. Other natural wonders include waterfalls and caves like Trou Caïman and Cascade de Saut d’Eau (the latter being home to yet another breathtaking waterfall). But beyond these natural wonders, there are some cultural ones worth visiting as well. La Citadelle Laferrière, for example, is a remarkable historical site that has recently been rediscovered by Haitians and tourists alike who have found great value in preserving it for future generations.

4) Historical Sites In Haiti
When in Rome do as the Romans. The Haitians have a rich history and culture that’s as vibrant as it is diverse; so much so that UNESCO has designated ten historical sites in Haiti as World Heritage Sites. From classic Creole architecture, such as Le Palais National, with its ornate stucco and intricate balconies, to tropical ruins like Mole Saint-Nicolas with indigenous stone structures rising out of dense vegetation, there’s plenty to catch your eye. If you’re feeling adventurous you can also experience some of UNESCO's less traditional heritage sites.

5) Shopping In Downtown Port-au-Prince
There are many shopping places to go in downtown Port-au-Prince. In Boulevard Jean Pierre Timor, there are nice stores where you can buy souvenirs and fashionable clothes. There are also theaters and cinemas if you want to have a good time watching movies. And other options like restaurants, food trucks and nightclubs that you can visit while having dinner or dancing with your loved ones. You will have great experiences in these places so take advantage of them when you visit Cap Haitian, HAITI!


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